all days are nights.

"A man's mind can't stay in time the way his body does."

and another thing,

Today I was reading about the rising trends in women opting for labiaplasty. This is something I became aware of when I was an adolescent. There had been a documentary about it, and after I watched it I wished I’d never seen or heard anything to do with it, because that was an area of my body I had been pretty much convinced I’d never feel insecure about it. Yet now it has become as widespread an insecurity as the body weight issue is. When this area of the internet isn’t filled with girls as young as twelve looking for someone to confirm whether or not their labia minora is “ugly”, or simply expressing how very miserable they are because they’ve convinced themselves that no boy will ever find them attractive, it is littered with links to cosmetic surgery websites. On these websites, you’ll usually find that male doctors will define a larger labia as “hypertrophied” and the outcome of labiaplasty as “normal”. Seeing as there is so much variation in the size, shape, and colour of labia, does that suggest that literally millions of women fall outside the standard of “normal”? In a true sense, no! 

I was thinking today, that labia are as specific and individual a feature as a person’s eyes, or nose, or smile, and I am scared that this insecurity, now so widespread, is causing women to go ahead with the procedure that I am fairly certain many would not do (unless there was a medical reason, and there are cases) if it had not been made out to be such a “problem” at all. And I think this is creating aesthetic uniformity in that area of the body, so that it is no longer an “identifier”, if you like, of an individual, but yet another addition to the creation of what is likely to be defined as “normal appearance” in years to come.

I mean, god damn it, it’s just another way of turning the healthy adult female body into resembling that of a pre-pubescent girl. Fuck off with that.

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